My Voice, My Choice, Inc. has years of experience developing and facilitating programs and workshops for institutions and communities such as UNC-Charlotte, Urban Thoughts, Teen Health Connection, Youth to Youth International Conference, Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Dept. Diversion and Intervention Programs, Charlotte Mecklenburg School System, Gaston County Dept. Of Juvenile Justice, Reclaiming Futures Treatment Fellows, Partners Behavioral Health Management, and Turning Point Academy SEE Program.

Our projects and workshops develop productive leaders in the community.

Through detail and thoughtful planning, My Voice, My Choice, Inc. partners with institutions, clinics, community organizations to create original work that inspires and educates.



Students share their work with peers at Youth to Youth International Festival.

Turning Point Academy SEE Program students/staff share their experience with audience at the premier of A Cut Above. A short film produced by My Voice, My Choice, Inc.

Involving the Community

Presenting our work to the community is paramount. It is a great way for students and participants to share their talent, process, and experience. By addressing a live audience, students build confidence and develop effective communication skills. 

Involving the community validates the work, it also generates dialogue, and inspires ideas and direction for future projects.

Audience enjoys screening of A Cut Above. Special thanks to Dr. Bettie Butler and UNCC for providing us with this amazing space.

Student Campaign is a 4 week culminating workshop where a professional actor collaborates with My Voice, My Choice, INC. participants to develop a performance based project (theatre piece, short film, Public Service Announcement). The fourth and final week involves a student perfromance.


 Students will identify repeated behaviors that disrupt their learning environment and community. The objective of the campaign will be to increase student awareness. The campaign addressing disruptive behaviors by offering productive, and practical solutions. By drawing from prior lessons and work accomplished in the Choices Curriculum, students will apply their knowledge in completing an educational and appealing project for students by students. Students take on various roles such as writer, director, producer, and performer.


When the project is completed students will facilitate an assembly showcasing their work and process (optional). The Student Campaign encourages My Voice, My Choice, INC participants to use creative writing and art as an educational tool for positive change. The Student Campaign develops the participant’s inner voice, and builds confidence in public speaking by providing students with a platform to express their point of view.

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