My Voice, My Choice, INC. is an innovative program that utilizes art (theater and film production), coupled with classroom workshops, to develop conflict resolution, productive decision making, social and emotional skills in today's youth . Our programs target K -12. We embolden students with the tools to express themselves while embracing the difference in others. My Voice, My Choice resonates with all students by fostering a safe space, cultivating personal growth, enrichment, and social development. We engage, inspire, and empower.

By meeting each student where they are, we work to promote productive behaviors that will better serve individual lives and the communities in which they reside. We develop and customize our programs to service the needs of our clients. We approach learning with the charisma and creativity it takes to motivate positive change. By staying relevant and fresh, My Voice, My Choice, INC. translates well with the youth of today. We create ways to implement current events into our activities and lesson plans, fueling discussion and participation while processing teachable moments that deter negative behaviors.

Through theater arts and guided facilitation, My Voice, My Choice, INC. is committed to transforming behaviors and building community


My Voice, My Choice, INC. consists of three working components:

1. The Performance/Audience Processing

2. Classroom Workshops

3. Student Campaign

Each component is crafted to inspire creativity and direction in students. Either component can be offered separately, however, the Student Campaign cannot exist without first completing The Performance or Classroom Workshops. The client has the option to choose what works for their individual school or institution.

With over 15 years of  experience facilitating youth development, after school, and violence prevention programs in New York City schools, our facilitator enters the classroom prepared to engage students. Having worked as a professional actor, our facilitator fully understands the discipline and professionalism required to deliver impactful results.

My Voice, My Choice, INC. blends education and entertainment for success.



Marlon A. Morrison

Program Director/Actor/Facilitator

My Voice, My Choice, INC.






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